Show up.
Be seen.
Live Brave. ™


Courage Hearts | Luxurious Bali retreats exploring the work of Brené Brown


Compassion.  Bravery. Authenticity. Vulnerability. Connection. Belonging.

How would it feel to uncover these inside you? They’re all there. Waiting for you to shine a light on them.

To become the person life and busyness and challenges made you start to believe you’d never become.

Imagine if we all chose courage. Imagine if, by choosing courage, it rubbed off on those around us. And imagine, if by choosing courage over comfort, we could make the world a little braver.

Imagine if we could do that together.

Courage Hearts is a partnership of 2 women and you – coming together in Bali to explore the work of Brené Brown, discover the Daring Way ™, and find a sense of belonging with other heart-centered people.

Transform the way you live, love, parent, and lead.

Our Giving Program

Find out about Little Courage Hearts – our social enterprise Giving Program

The Story of Us

Meet Julie and Janis –

the humans behind

Courage Hearts retreats


One-of-a-kind Retreats in Bali inspired by the work of Brené Brown.

Brené Brown

“Sometimes the bravest
and most important thing
you can do is just show up”

Turn up.
Dare Greatly.

The 7 day Courage Hearts retreat in Bali is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never, ever forget.

If you were moved by Brené’s viral TEDx talk on Vulnerability, if you came across her on Netflix and it changed the way you looked at the world, or if you’ve done every other version of personal development and still haven’t uncovered the gem inside your soul – or perhaps the idea of spending a week with your best friends or work colleagues or loved one is something you’ve been aching for as long as you can remember – this is the retreat made for you.

Find out more about the Daring Greatly ™ Bali retreat

Little Courage Hearts –

our giving program

A tangible symbol of love, hope and kindness 

Little Courage Hearts are small, fabric hearts filled with volcanic sand from Mount Batur in Bali. In the mountains north of Ubud, a group of young people who are deaf, stitch together unique and perfectly imperfect hearts!

For nearly 2 decades Julie Loveny and Janis Johnston and have been heart sisters. They have the kind of friendship that stands the tests of time – of growing up, growing a little wiser, and the challenges of families, businesses, successful careers, and life.

Together, they’ve educated themselves and each other in leadership, personal development, research,  communication, and connection. And then they discovered Brené Brown.

They launched Courage Hearts in 2019 after Julie combined her many years of experience as a workshop leader, practitioner, researcher, and lecturer with becoming a Certified Facilitator of Brené Brown’s programs. These Bali based retreats are luxurious, life-changing, and blend the best of this partnership and Brené Brown’s work in an intimate setting surrounded by like-minded people.