Introducing Dare to Lead™

We need Braver Leaders & more Courageous Cultures

What would it cost you to step into the arena and just show up? What is it costing you now not to?

Courage is Contagious

“To scale daring leadership and build courage in teams and organisations, we have to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation, and armour is not necessary or rewarded. We have to be vigilant about creating a culture in which people feel safe, seen, heard, and respected”. – Brené Brown

Come together in Bali to explore the work of Brené Brown, discover Dare to Lead™, and find a sense of belonging and connection with other wholehearted leaders.

The 7 day Dare to Lead ™ retreat in Bali is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never, ever forget. We offer a unique, experience combining the powerful work of well-known author, researcher, and storyteller, Dr. Brené Brown with the inspirational culture of beautiful Bali and its people and delivered by experienced and certified facilitators of Brené Brown’s work. You’ll have the space and the time to reflect and process in a beautiful and nurturing environment away from the normal demands and pressure of work and life.
Dare to Lead ™ is an exquisite 7 day retreat hosted at a luxurious, authentic Balinese resort where you will experience a totally different way of being and will embark upon a truly transformational leadership journey. It doesn’t matter what leadership or personal development workshops you’ve done before, whether you come with your colleagues, friends, your family, your partner, or alone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve consumed all of Brené’s books or recently found her on Netflix. It doesn’t matter how stuck you feel in your role, your career, your life, or how very un-brave you might be currently thinking you are.

We know you will leave transformed.

Join an intimate circle of brave leaders who are all ready for courageous change.

If you’re searching for something deeper, for something more, then Dare to Lead in Bali is your calling. Your seat beside us is waiting.


The Dare to Lead™ retreat is for anyone who considers themselves or aspires to be a leader which is defined as ‘anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people or processes and has the courage to develop that potential.’ As Brené says ‘leadership is not about the title or corner office.’ Leadership courage is a collection of four learnt skills. During the workshops you will learn how to build brave cultures & drive performance by: 

  • Navigating Vulnerability
  • Leading with Values
  • Building Trust
  • Rising from Setbacks

Participants explore Dr Brené Brown’s research and learn how to connect, navigate difficult conversations and hold others accountable for success.

What is in the retreat?

Your Dare to Lead ™ retreat includes these activities and they have been chosen by us to reflect some of the values of the Balinese, like courage, vulnerability, authenticity and wholeheartedness. However, they are optional and we honour and respect your need to completely relax, choose one or two activities or go all out and embrace Bali’s beautiful culture and traditions.

The chance to fully experience every moment of a  transformational retreat. Every single detail is taken care of so you can focus on who you’re there for – yourself.
6 night’s luxurious boutique accommodation. Private villas, single or twin-share. Exquisite, tropical setting with  views of one of Ubud’s most breathtaking valleys.  
4 inspiring Dare to Lead™ workshops to attend. Explore the work of Brené Brown with a Dare to Lead™ Certified Facilitator Includes your Dare to Lead™ workbook  
A beautiful Balinese blessing during an uplifting opening ceremony on arrival. Daily yoga and meditation practices with our retreat’s own yoga instructor (all levels of experience welcome ) 
Your every gastronomical desire fulfilled – delicious and nourishing organic meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner A special farewell celebration dinner to acknowledge your courageous journey
A day trip to nearby Ubud to experience a private sound healing session, exclusively for our group, in the largest venue dedicated to this ancient healing modality in the world, The Pyramids of Chi. This includes a delicious lunch in the café surrounded by rice fields.
A workshop to learn about and make a ‘Canang Sari’, one of the daily offerings made by the Balinese people each day to give thanks for the peace given to the world. A local demonstration to make ‘Jamu’, a traditional herbal tonic
Guided nature walk through the resort gardens and the surrounding area, taking in the Balinese flora and fauna and being fortunate enough to be able to witness the local villagers going about their lives. A traditional Balinese dance lesson incorporating laughter, song, and dance
1 hour Balinese massage with our qualified massage therapists. Free use of all health and wellbeing facilities including a breathtaking swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, and herbal steam bath in the spa pavilion. Making natural spa treatment products from the in-house herb garden.
All airport transfers – our driver will safely deliver you between Denpasar Airport or Ubud and your resort. Courage Hearts have carefully considered every detail of each of our retreats and we really do cater to every element of the experience from arrival to departure.

Come together in Bali to explore the work of Brené Brown, discover Dare to Lead ™, and find a sense of belonging and connection with other wholehearted leaders.

For nearly 2 decades Julie Loveny and Janis Johnston have been best friends. They have the kind of bond that stands the tests of time – of growing up, growing a little wiser, and the challenges of families, businesses, successful careers, and life. Together, they’ve educated themselves and each other in leadership, personal development, research,  communication, and connection.  And then they discovered Brené Brown. They launched Courage Hearts in 2019 after Julie combined her many years of experience as a workshop leader, practitioner, researcher, and lecturer with becoming a Certified Facilitator of Brené Brown’s programs. These Bali based retreats are luxurious, life-changing, and blend the best of this partnership and Brené Brown’s work in an intimate setting for the ultimate personal transformation.

The greatest barrier to courageous leadership is not fear – it’s how we respond to our fear.

Our armour – the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that we use to protect ourselves when we aren’t willing and able to rumble with vulnerability – move us out of alignment with our values, corrode trust with our colleagues and teams, and prevent us from being our most courageous selves.  

Perhaps you often feel stressed out at work, too busy and your balancing act of work, family and home and ‘you’ is all out of whack?  Or maybe you’d like to be a braver leader and change the culture within your workplace?  Perhaps you’d like to grow your leadership skills and have more compassion and empathy in your workplace?  How would it feel to come back to your team, your manager, your organisation and share what you’ve learned from this experience? Have you ever felt you have the potential to be a leader but just not sure how to take the leap?

Join us at the Dare to Lead™ retreat in Bali.

We created this for you. You are a leader. You belong here.

What is included?

Join us on a life-transforming 7-day retreat as we gather together on the sacred island of Bali, to carve out time and space to reclaim a sense of ourselves.

Set in the most divine location with every detail carefully catered for, perched on a hilltop surrounded by lush, tropical forest and sweeping valley views, you will be immersed in a total body, mind and spirit experience. 

Be deeply nourished by the serene and peaceful environment, the delicious, organic meals, nurturing massages, the exceptional, friendly service of the Balinese staff and the company of people who have a shared desire for all that Courage Hearts Retreats in Bali has to offer.

Together we will create a safe space, built on trust, authenticity and genuine connection.

Together, we will step into the brave versions of ourselves and take that new understanding back out into the world.


Dates to be confirmed – 2021, North of Ubud, Bali.


Julie Loveny, Brené Brown Certified Facilitator of The Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ and co-owner of Courage Hearts

Janis Johnston, follower of Brené Brown’s work, marketing and business career woman and co-owner of Courage Hearts

No more than 15 other retreat attendees

And you 

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” Brené Brown


What other brave leaders say:

“Thank you so much for the way you facilitated and delivered the workshop.  I found the course very useful, not only “Daring to Lead” in a professional capacity but also, and probably more meaningful and relevant to me is, how it is a “way of life”, a “lifestyle” rather than something you merely use and practice when you go to work.”

What other brave leaders say:

“Last Friday I completed two days of Dare to Lead accredited training and I’m still reflecting on it. Julie Loveny is one of the few people in Australia who is able to run these workshops, having trained directly with Brené Brown. Understanding that courage is a skill and how shame undermines us, and others, is extremely valuable knowledge to have and I’m already making use of it. If you get the chance to do this training – go!”

What other brave leaders say:

“Our training has sparked so much conversation & change already. We’re really looking forward to rolling out more training with our staff.”

What other brave leaders say:

“Julie created a wonderful space and the opportunities for our team to have some really insightful discussions regarding leadership. We now have a common language to help us on our leadership journey. It also touched all of us in a very personal way too, cementing the connection between who we are and how we lead.”

What other brave leaders say:

“The whole course exceeded my expectations- just brilliant! Julie was a phenomenal presenter and I just can’t emphasise how life-changing this course has been. Thank you.”