Little Courage

A tangible symbol of love, hope and kindness 

Little Courage Hearts are small, fabric hearts filled with volcanic sand from the obsidian lava rock of the sacred Mount Batur in Bali.

They are made by the wonderful young people at Yayasan Corti School and Training Centre for the deaf so they can confidently participate in their community and generate sustainable livelihoods.

We are proud to contribute to this vision and each heart is lovingly bound together with their story and blessing.

A Little Courage Heart can be kept in your pocket, placed under a pillow or in your bag and squeezed when comfort or courage is needed. They can be given to loved ones, friends or even strangers to show them you care.

The obsidian minerals inside the Little Courage Hearts provide powerful, spiritual protection and healing energy. They are a tangible symbol of love, hope and kindness and a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.  Keep one close to your heart.

And we love that each Little Courage Heart is perfectly imperfect, unique and beautiful.

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