Little Courage Hearts


A tangible symbol of love, hope and kindness 

Raise money for your school:

Little Courage Hearts is a giving program and we’d love you to consider these small, fabric hearts as a way to raise funds for your school, to help support the disadvantaged communities who make them, and to spread the message and values of courage, love, hope and kindness that are so needed in our families, schools and wider communities.

Support a charitable cause: 

Little Courage Hearts are small, fabric hearts filled with volcanic sand from the lava rock of Mount Batur in Bali. In the mountains north of Ubud, a group of young people who are deaf, stitch together unique and perfectly imperfect hearts! There is a significant stigma associated with a disability in Bali and many of the youngsters are orphaned. Building their skills to enable them to run a small business making Little Courage Hearts means they can generate sustainable livelihoods. Each heart comes with a beautiful card which tells this story as well as space to write your own message.

Spread courage, love, hope and kindness: 

A Little Courage Heart can be kept in a pocket, placed under a pillow or in children’s school bags and squeezed when comfort or courage is needed. They can be given to friends, parents, grand-parents, teachers or even strangers to show them you care, to celebrate an occasion or to simply say ‘thank you’.

Much more meaningful and for the same price as a greeting card, Little Courage Hearts could also complement or replace the chocolate, hot-cross bun and fun runs that so often form part of school fundraisers. Why not encourage all your students to take some home to share with friends and family?

And why not have some always available at your school so that this important message can continue to spread throughout the year?

Little Courage Hearts also provide an opportunity to integrate or use the fundraiser to support relevant activities in the school curriculum. Here are some examples:

  • Learning about values such as courage, love, hope and kindness and embedding them in the classroom and school culture
  • Learning about the culture of our closest, neighbouring country – Bali/Indonesia.
  • Finding out about what it’s like to be deaf and learning some sign language.
  • Learning about geology, geography, volcanoes and their impact.
  • Teaching courage building skills (refer to information on training principals and teachers in Dare to Lead™#daringclassrooms) – this will be a link to that page.

Contact for more information about how this giving and fundraising program can work for your school community.