Little Courage Hearts


Little Courage Hearts are a tangible symbol of love, hope and kindness.



Each Little Courage Heart comes with a beautiful card which tells their story as well as space to write your personalised note. 

Little Courage Hearts come in FIVE bright colours which were inspired by the vibrancy of beautiful Bali. 

Please note that we do not offer individual hearts or a choice of colours, only a BUNDLE OF FIVE which includes an

orange, blue, red, green and purple little fabric heart.

Each heart is individually packed into a clear bag which is compostable, biodegradable and sustainably-produced,

with a small sticker to seal the bag with love.

Thank you from our hearts to yours.

We’d love to see this initiative ‘go viral’ and can’t wait to hear your stories of how lives have been changed with your kindness.

With love, hope, kindness and a big dose of courage ❤

Julie & Janis xoxo

Shipping Australia Wide

We’re offering FREE shipping on 3 packs of 5 hearts or more.  A great way to spread love, hope and kindness around your community xx

1 pack of 5 hearts            =    $ 5.00

2 packs of 10 hearts        =   $10.00

3 + packs of 15 + hearts  =   FREE


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