Love, hope and kindness are the last things we need to ration right now.  Throw in a dose of Courage and we have an antidote to any virus and, because we’re all in this together, we can spread these values throughout our community and make a real difference, one heart at a time.

Our plans ‘BCV’ (Before Corona Virus) were to take our Little Courage Hearts to schools and offer them as a ‘fundraiser with heart’ which might replace the chocolate, hot-cross-bun and fun runs that so often form part of school fundraisers.  Then schools closed.

So, very-fast-forward to ‘MCV’ (Mid Corona Virus) and we have found ourselves, like many others, sitting with the grief and disappointment of dreams and visions having to be put on hold.  For now, Courage Hearts Retreats in Bali are postponed as are the Dare to Lead ™ workshops we had in the pipeline.  But, to quote a cliché we have used in the past and which is now really relevant – ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and luckily ours is pure gold!

One thing we know for sure is that right now is the perfect time to spread love, hope and kindness.  To our family, our friends, our neighbours, teachers, doctors, nurses, supermarket staff, mail-delivery-person, favourite takeaway café owner … the list is endless. We can reach everyone in our community who is working on the front-line, we can touch the lives of people who are self-isolating because of their age or health, people who are homeless and lonely and people who missing their families all around the world. Imagine bringing them joy and making them smile with a tangible symbol of love, hope and kindness from someone who cares.  That’s YOU!

Here’s a bit of background. The idea of these special little fabric hearts was born out of our love of Bali, its people and, in particular, a small community of young folk who are deaf and whose lives will also be touched by us spreading love, hope and kindness.

Little Courage Hearts are small, fabric hearts filled with volcanic sand from Mount Batur in Bali. In the mountains north of Ubud, a group of young people who are deaf, stitch together unique and perfectly imperfect hearts! There is a significant stigma associated with a disability in Bali and many of the youngsters are orphaned. Building their skills to enable them to run a small business making Little Courage Hearts means they can generate sustainable livelihoods.

Our new dream at this time is that a Little Courage Heart can be passed on to someone in need of love, hope and kindness which will hopefully give them courage during the weeks ahead.  They can be squeezed on tough days when comfort is needed, they can be kept under a pillow, in a wallet or purse or on a work-space at home. It lets people know you care, and we know from our love of the work of the amazing Brené Brown that ‘Courage is Contagious’ … more contagious than any virus we know for sure!

Each heart comes with a beautiful card which tells this story as well as space to write your personalised note. Buy one for your child’s teacher and have them write or draw a special message.  Leave one in your mailbox to let your delivery person know that you appreciate what they do.  Pop one on the bench – from 1.5 metres away – when you pick up your morning coffee.  Drop one off at your doctor’s surgery and leave it at reception.  We have seen the reaction first-hand from people who are given one – it fills their hearts and it will fill yours. They really are almost as good as a hug!  Almost!

Little Courage Hearts with Our Story


Little Courage Hearts come in five bright colours which were inspired by the vibrancy of beautiful Bali.

Each heart is individually packed into a clear bag which is compostable, biodegradable and sustainably-produced, with a small sticker to seal the bag with love.

Thank you from our hearts to yours.  We’d love to see this initiative ‘go viral’ and can’t wait to hear your stories of how lives have been changed with your kindness.

With love, hope, kindness and a big dose of gratitude ❤

Janis and Julie xoxo


Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash