We often get asked “What is a Certified Facilitator of Brené Brown’s work”?

It’s a great question and one well worth asking if you are considering investing in someone to help you with your journey of learning through Brené Brown’s work. So, here’s our answer …

The Daring Way™ covers two of Brené’s curriculums based on her research and best selling books Daring Greatly and Rising Strong.

In the last few years, Brené has offered training to suitably qualified people (social workers, psychologists and certified coaches) around the world to become certified to deliver these two curriculums. In 2016, when Julie heard Brené was coming to Sydney, Australia she had her application completed in a nano second, was selected and had her seat on a plane booked from her home town over the other side of the country, Perth, before you could say ‘I’m daring greatly’!


The practice of Rising Strong involves getting back up after falls, overcoming our slip-ups.

We’ve been down in the dirt many times in our lives … here’s some insights which might help you get back up

It transpired that The Daring Way™ involved some of the most rigorous and inspiring training Julie has ever done (and she’s been around a while so done lots over the years)!  She spent two whole days with Brené and, yes, she is just as down to earth and funny and vulnerable as her TED Talks and Netflix special!  This training was cemented over the next few months by working online with a group of fellow clinicians and facilitators from around the world. That was followed by one of Brené’s senior faculty members linking up a with a small group each month for specialised coaching as they implemented the curriculums with their clients and organisations. This meant ‘Zoom’ sessions were sometimes in the middle of the night as Julie and her peers were from all corners of the globe. Somebody was always in their PJ’s!!

So, as you can see, there is a huge amount of time, effort and investment behind anyone who has worked with Brené and her team to earn the right and the honour to call themselves a Certified Facilitator!

Over the last few years, Julie has been successfully running the Daring Way™ with organisations, education & helping professionals and university students with wonderful feedback from everyone who attended.

In 2019, following further research and the publication of her book Dare to Lead, Brené ceased to certify Daring Way™  facilitators and began to train people qualified and experienced in leadership and organisational development to be Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitators (CDLF). Julie was able to gain her certification including Dare to Lead™ #daringclassrooms because she is also a very experienced Leadership and Organisational Development (LOD) facilitator and educator.  Currently there are no plans for any more Dare to Lead™ training courses to become a certified facilitator.

Most years Brené and her team hold Courage Camp in Houston for about 150 of her certificated facilitators. Many are based in the US but some of  travel from afar to meet up for four days to share, laugh, grow and learn. As part of Brene’s ‘tribe’, these amazing people get to hear Brené talk and have had the privilege of being a part of some wonderful presentations and workshops by other well known researchers and authors such as James Pennebaker and Harriet Lerner. You’ll find Julie heading to Texas in October, wearing her cowboy boots and practising saying ‘y’all’!

In the meantime Julie delivers Dare to Lead™ programs across Australia and in 2020 will commence running retreats internationally, initially in Bali. With her eye on Europe next (she does after all hail from the UK) and schools globally, Julie isn’t Brené, but she does bring a gentle, fun and supportive approach to her workshops whilst bringing Brené into the training room through a curriculum and host of videos that are only deliverable via training provided by certified facilitators.

Being in a room with Julie as a Certified Facilitator is absolutely the next best thing to having Brené there in person and Julie is constantly working on ‘channelling’ Brené if she can! The question Julie mostly asks herself is ‘what would Brené say or do now?’

Join us at our Courage Hearts Bali Retreat where, if you close your eyes and open your heart, we’re sure you will feel Brené’s amazing energy right there with us as we share a week of magic together.