I just want to be who I am. I think all women go through the belief that they need to be superwoman – that to be successful in any way, and I don’t necessarily mean in business or anything, but just to be a successful person, you have to be superwoman.

We just want to be who we are.  And who we are is two friends who have known each other for over 20 years.  We met when our children started school, aged five, and there was an instant connection – our kids were best buddies, we both came from the UK, we loved good food and wine and we lived within five minutes of each other.  And we loved a good laugh and, these days, it’s often at our own expense!

We’ve never thought of ourselves as “Superwomen” and the thought of squeezing into one of those Lycra suits with the big “S” on the front in hot, Australian conditions didn’t appeal.  And the idea of having to remember to grab our capes as we rushed our kids to and from school, to and from sport, to and from dance lessons, to and from play dates plus all the other chores which needed doing in our roles as wives, mothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, community members and more just didn’t cross our minds.  [Mind you, if those outfits had been available in organic cotton, we may just have put them on]!!

So, fast forward to where we are now.  We’re older, we are definitely wiser, our kids have grown up and are still best buddies, we love to travel, we still love good food and wine and we absolutely love Brené Brown and Bali.

What is a manifesto and why you need one?

Couldn’t you just scribble some affirmations on a sticky note and pop it on your fridge?

A manifesto is different. A manifesto is a declaration of what you want in life. 

In 2018 when we visited Bali, we came up with a breathtaking idea to offer Brené Brown’s work as part of a luxurious retreat north of Ubud and Courage Hearts was born.  Our Giving Program – Little Courage Hearts – arrived soon after because helping young people with disabilities is something we are passionate about.  Fast forward to the end of 2019 and we’re back in Bali, bringing the our two ideas together which has been truly amazing.  We’re jumping out of our skin to share our dream with you as we know you will love this work as much as we do.

So, although we’re clear that we’re definitely not Superwomen, I think that we can pat ourselves on our cloak-less backs and say we are brave women.  Stepping out of our comfort zone and putting our hands up to “be seen” has been daunting, sharing our dream with the world on social media and on our website has been massive but the amazing thing is WE’RE PUMPED!!!  This is our calling, this is who we are at this age and stage in our lives and it feels absolutely fantastic.

So, for the first time in our lives, maybe we do need to don a Superwoman outfit each, thrust our chests out with pride and say “we did it” … or more to the point … “we’re doing it”!!

There’s now even less chance of us squeezing into those Lycra suits and we still think someone should make them in organic cotton but in our hearts, we’re being brave, vulnerable and daring and for now, that’s enough.  We are enough!

Photo by Michelle Cassar on Unsplash